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if you would like to volunteer to use your skills to help GMEP develop.

The Elephant Campaign

Did you know, giraffes and elephants like to be best of friends?

Giraffe would like to invite you to join our herd of ‘elephant’ friends.

This involves two things…
1. To support us financially on a monthly basis. This can be as little or as much as you like (we know that elephants may have stick houses to build and calves to feed…)

2. To be a trumpeting voice and help us tell others about Giraffe and the work we are doing to support children’s literacy.

Your ongoing support will help us to achieve our goal of getting the Giraffe Mobile Library fully operational in Ghana by April 2020. Costing approx. £1000 per month to operate we need to know that we can afford to run the ongoing project. Our aim is to make a herd of 100 friends giving £10 per month, or 200 friends giving £5 per month. Join the herd!

To make a monthly online donation, please use the below link.


To make a one off online donation, please use the below link.