During two weeks in March Winifred (Giraffe founder), Sampson Osafo (Giraffe Trustee) and friend of Giraffe, and Special Educational Needs teacher, Fiona Tredinnick visited Akropong -Akuapem in Ghana, where Giraffe Education Project is being set up. For 11 days the giraffe team met some of the people that will be vital in helping Giraffe in its mission to enable children to stand tall. The extent of Winifred and Fiona’s efforts were such that this short article will not be able to do their work justice, yet hopefully it will give you a flavour of the progress and connections that were made.

One of the first people that Winifred, Sampson and Fiona met was the President of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo. They attended a fundraiser for another charity that the President is involved in, and Winifred made sure they got a meeting by dodging between the arms and elbows of those present and introducing herself. Obviously, we cannot assume too much from such a busy and important person, but his enthusiasm when Winifred told him about giraffe was encouraging and a great start to the trip.

Throughout their time in the Akuapem district, of which Akropong is one of 17 towns, the team met several other important and influential figures, including: the District Director of Education and her very supportive deputy, the Municipal Chief Executive, who is the Mayor of the town and administrative district; the Queen Mother of Akuapem; the very supportive MP for Akuapem North, Nana Dokua Asiamah-Agyei; as well as head teachers and classroom teachers from teacher training colleges and from the primary schools Giraffe will be working with. It is fair to say they achieved a great deal in terms of communicating Giraffe’s vision and aims for the very near future!